Travel light without the burden of heavy luggage with one backpack

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Smiling One Bag Traveler walking the streets of buenos aires

Do You Struggle With Your Travels?

You Are Not Alone

If this is you, don’t worry, because you are not alone. I used to be in the same boat. My trips were constantly being sabatoshed by my own suitcases. Sucking the enjoyment from them until I could drop them off at my destination’s Airbnb or hotel.

But this is just plain wrong. Luggage should not be such a burden, nor should it be allowed to take away half the fun of traveling. Traveling should be about enjoying the journey, not just the destination.

There is a Better Way

Hi, my name is Luigi Rausch and I am here to tell you that there is a better way to travel. A way that frees you from the drag of heavy suitcases. A way that allows you to enjoy the whole journey as well as the destination. This is the way that I have been traveling for years now and I have never looked back. The answer to your traveling woes is, without a doubt,

One Bag Travel.

Known by a few other names, such as carry-on only travel, backpack travel, traveling light, or minimalist travel, One Bag Travel is the art of traveling with a single backpack in a minimalist fashion. It allows you to simplify your travels all while looking great and staying fresh. This method of traveling is not to get confused with classic “backpacking.” You know the look, a traveler with arms of colorful bracelets, wearing an old worn-out t-shirt, complete with a rocket of a backpack strapped to their back. But not to worry, because this is a completely different breed of travel culture that we will be avoiding.

So without any further ado, let’s learn about the life changing magic of One Bag Travel.

The One Bag Travel Plan


Choose a backpack that looks great, packs easy, and is practical for any trip


Read my blog How to travel with less clothes while looking and smelling fresh to learn how to pack for One Bag Travel


Use it on your next trip to pack less, carry less, and stress less


Share this idea with a friend so that together you can both experience more!

Enjoy the benefits of traveling light with One Bag Travel

Less Stress and Wasted Time

You no longer have to waste time waiting at baggage claim. Plus, no more fear that the airline might lose your luggage. If this has ever happened to you, I feel your pain. Losing a suitcase sucks. With One Bag Travel you avoid the anxiety and the possibility altogether. Everything you need is packed away neatly and never has to leave your side. Going in and out of airports will be a cake walk.

Spontaneity and Agility

Traveling light is truly a thing of beauty. You live more in the moment, welcome adventure, and seize opportunities as they come. You are no longer at the mercy of your luggage. Airplanes, buses, and trains become just another adventure instead of places where you’re required to babysit your suitcases. Without the need to drop off your heavy baggage, you can hit the ground running and start exploring right away!

Save Money

Say goodbye to checked bag and additional carry-on fees for good. Now your single bag fits underneath your seat or easily in the overhead compartment. Spend money on your trip, not your luggage.

Look Less Touristy

By traveling with only a backpack, you will look more like an expat rather than a tourist. This allows you to more easily blend in with the local culture and experience cities like a native. Plus, now that you don’t look like an average tourist, you are much less likely to be taken advantage of by vendors and are less of a target for thieves.

But how am I supposed to do this?

If you’re thinking man this all sounds great, but are concerned with how you will fit everything you traditionally bring in a single travel backpack, I am here to tell you, it’s possible! Thanks to the work of Cyril Northcote Parkinson and his Parkinson’s Law, One Bag Travel is made easy. His famous law suggests that “work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion,” meaning that if your boss gives you the whole day to complete a task, it will take you the whole day to complete it. However, if she says you can leave early if you finish it in 4 hours, then you’ll find a way to get it done in 4 hours. The same is true for luggage. “Luggage expands so as to fill it available to its storage size” (Elya, 2018). If you are going on a vacation and your airline allows you to bring 3 suitcases free of charge, then you will bring 3 suitcases filled with stuff. But, if instead you are only allowed to bring a single carry-on suitcase, then you’ll make it work.

One Bag Travel or traveling with a single backpack will free you from the burden that comes with heavy suitcases. With your belongings on your back, you can enjoy the whole journey, not just the destination.

Before lessification

After lessification

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