About Lessification

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Happy one bag traveler outside in the sun

Do You Struggle With Your Travels?

You Are Not Alone

If this is you, don’t worry, because you are not alone. This used to be me. I was always the guy who packed way too many clothes and brought more luggage than any of my friends. This was frustrating because I just couldn’t figure out how some people could travel with so much less. My trips were constantly sabotaged by overpacking and the nagging questions of: How much should I pack? What should I wear on Saturday? What if I need this? Paralyzed by these questions, I found myself taking bigger and heavier suitcases, sucking the enjoyment from my trips until I could lose the burden of my luggage at my destination’s Airbnb or hotel.

This was me every time I traveled, until I realized that something wasn’t right. Overpacking shouldn’t be allowed to sabotage our trips and cause travel stress. Traveling should be about enjoying the journey, not just the destination — and that journey starts with packing!

There is a Better Way

Hi, my name is Luigi Rausch and I am here to tell you that there is a better way to travel. A way that frees you from the stress of overpacking and the drag of heavy suitcases. A way that allows you to enjoy the whole journey as well as the destination. This is the way that I have been traveling for years now and I have never looked back. The answer to your traveling woes is, without a doubt,

One Bag Travel.

Known by a few other names, such as carry-on only travel, backpack travel, traveling light, or minimalist travel, One Bag Travel is the art of traveling with a single backpack in a minimalist fashion. It allows you to simplify your travels all while looking great and staying fresh. Now packing for trips will be a complete joy. You’ll know exactly what to pack quickly and confidently, be free to easily navigate any airport, train, or bus, and smell fresh day after day with clothes that won’t stink.

The Mission

I initially started this journey because I wanted to provide you with the same joys One Bag Travel has given me; however, lessification is bigger than that. 


The process of simplifying life through less, so that together we can recognize what is truly important and live more meaningful, intentional, and present lives.

The Experience More Plan


Read my posts to learn how to travel with less


Bring more effective travel clothes that allow you to pack less


Select a bag that packs easy and is practical for any trip

Pack less and experience more.

Get this helpful PDF on 5 ways One Bag Travel will improve your trips today!

Read my load-lightening travel posts today to get you started on your One Bag Travel journey. Learn step-by-step how to travel light.

Before lessification

After lessification

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