Pack with packing cubes to organize and access your clothes with ease

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Mesh see-through packing cube full of rolled clothes

Do You Struggle Organizing Your Bag?

I Hear You

If this is you, you are not alone. It’s frustrating when you have to dig through your bag to find the shirt you want — that’s always seemingly at the bottom. You worked so hard at packing your bag and now you’re unpacking it just to get to that ONE shirt. Not cool.

The good news is, it doesn’t have to be this way! You shouldn’t have to unpack and repack half your wardrobe every time you need something from your bag. Rather, a simple way to stay organized, allowing you to access your clothes with ease.

I'm here to guide you step-by-step

Hi, my name is Luigi and I love packing cubes. I use them on all my trips to travel easier. And now I’m here to teach you the packing cube ways  to help you become the traveler you always wanted to be.

The Get Organized Plan


Learn how to pack like a pro with packing cubes


Buy a set that fits your bag


Use them to organize and access your clothes with ease

What packing cubes will do for you

Packing cubes are essentially clothing containers. Turning your pile of free-roaming travel clothes into an organized system. Think packing Tetris: different shapes, sizes, and colors — all visual cues to the whereabouts of each clothing piece. In addition to being memory aids, when you “Tetris pack” your clothes, you simply remove the cube of your favorite shirt without disturbing the contents of the other cubes, keeping everything neatly nestled.

Effectively use packing cubes like so,

Generally, the rule of thumb for packing cubes is small cubes for “small clothes” (underwear, socks), large cubes for “large clothes” (shirts, pants, sweaters). However, what I find works best is the following method of organization.

Pack all your clothes into one large packing cube.

This is how I roll. I fit all of my rolled clothes in one large packing cube (we are here to One Bag Travel after all). This is great because it reduces the number of cubes you need to bring, thus saving space, while still keeping your clothes organized and segmented by the structure of the cube. Plus, it keeps things simple and helps you pack less — if it fits, it ships.

Look for this in a packing cube

Opaque packing cubes don't allow you to see your clothes from the outside
Mesh top packing cubes are see-through allowing you to see your clothes from the outside

Transparency is everything. If you can’t see what’s inside, then you are going to be opening and closing every cube to find what you’re looking for. Rendering your method of organization, just as bad as it was before the packing aids. For this reason, choose a packing cube set with see-through tops, particularly a holey mesh. Mesh is perfect because it has the added benefit of breathability. Allowing air to easily circulate between your clothes and air them out — this is especially good in humid environments to avoid musty, damp clothes. Yuck.

Rounded packing cubes have 21% less space than rectangular packing cubes
Rectangular packing cubes have 21% more space than rounded packing cubes

Rectangular shaped packing cubes work best with rectangular shaped bags, as they will fill the corners of your bag better than curved ones. Plus, their shapes naturally allow them to be super stackable. Pack like you’re playing Tetris. Being able to stack left, right, up, or down makes it easier to stay organized, find what you are looking for, and utilize more practical storage space in your bag. Leaving less space wasted. Remember, curves cut capacity.

Traditional fabric showing a tear spreading
Ripstop fabric preventing a tear from spreading

Choose a ripstop fabric (easily identified by its square pattern). This is commonly used amongst mid-tier to higher-end packing cubes as it’s all in the name. If a rip forms on your packing cube, the ripstop fabric will “stop” it from spreading, allowing you to still use the cube to its full capabilities. Whereas if a tear forms in traditional fabric, unless you do something about it, that rip will get larger, rendering your cube toast.

Size & Capacity
Small packing cubes
Packing cube stacked in three sizes, small, medium and large

Size variation is an easy reminder of what cube has what. Packing cubes come in three sizes: small, medium, and large. However, these sizes are all relative to each company, as there is no industry standard. Meaning, one company’s medium is another’s large. My advice is this: before you buy any of these organizational wonders be sure to cross-reference the measurements to the inside of your bag. This will ensure a good fit.

Packing cubes of all the same color
Packing cubes stacked in various sizes and colors

Cubes of different colors are an easy way to quickly identify the contents. For example, you may keep all your underwear and socks in a white cube. The only caveat to this is that cubes usually come sold in sets of one color. Therefore, typically the most affordable way to get in on this benefit is to mix n’ match sets with a travel buddy or find packing cubes sold individually — Spoiler alert, I have 😏.

Pack packing cubes like this

Fold VS Roll
Folded clothes organized in a packing cube
Rolled clothes organized in a packing cube

Don’t fold, roll your clothes — This is truly a game changer. Rolling is the best not only because it saves you space and reduces wrinkles, but because the thickness of the roll will prevent you from stacking clothes, keeping them on the same level, so to speak. Making it easier to access exactly what you need at a glance, as you can see all your clothes at once. Whereas when you fold clothes, because of the thinness, you stack them on top of each other. Obscuring everything beneath the one on top and forcing you to dig through them to find the shirt you’re looking for.

Better together

Rolled clothes also have the added benefit of naturally holding themselves together and not coming undone. So you won’t mess up neighboring t-shirts as you would digging through folded shirts.

👉 Click here to learn how to roll shirts, pants, dresses, underwear, and socks.

Show me the cubes

So what’s next? Well, you are probably wondering where you can buy the best packing cubes?

I’ve combed through the internet to bring you what I believe are the best packing cubes that I can find. I am extremely picky when it comes to selecting pieces that are as minimal as possible — Meaning little to no exterior branding, elegant timeless pieces / colors that won’t go out of style, high quality items made to last, and they simply looks good. I’ve done all the hard work so you don’t have to, because I am here to help you succeed!

Below you will find links to my top recommendations. Please note that some links are affiliate marketing links and some are not. If the brand had an affiliate marketing program I used it to pay for my time, but if they didn’t then I didn’t worry about it. I just want to bring you great content that helps you succeed on your journey in traveling with one bag or less. 

Luigi's Best Packing Cubes

Packing Cubes

Packing cubes of all the same color



Gusset Case (S, M, L)
  • See-through mess
  • Spacious rectangular shape
  • Durable ripstop fabric
  • Various sizes & colors sold individually


Hyper-Lite Travel Packing Cubes
  • See-through mess
  • Spacious rectangular shape
  • Durable ripstop fabric
  • Various sizes & colors

You before lessification

You after lessification

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