How to pack electronics for travel, so they’re easy to organize, find, and use

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Open travel tech organizer displaying stored electronics.

Do you struggle traveling with tech?

I hear you

Packing cables, chargers, and electronics can feel like a technological mess. They’re either scattered everywhere throughout your bag, making things difficult to find. Or they’re pooled together in the same spot, creating a tangled nest of cables and cords. Ugh, so frustrating.

But traveling with electronics shouldn’t be this way. Instead, you should be able to store and access your electronics easily — free from the tangled mess of cables.


How to pack electronics like a pro plan


Learn the ways

Learn what to look for and how to pack your electronics for travel with a travel tech organizer.


Get the gear

Buy a Lessification approved travel tech organizer to give all your electronics a home.


Travel easier

Enjoy how easy it is to organize, find, and use your electronics while traveling.

What is a travel tech organizer?

It turns your collection of cables, chargers, and electronics into an organized system. Giving each item a designated home, instead of throwing everything into a “catch-all” pocket. This way, you will know exactly where everything is when you need it — saving you time from a tangled nest of cables and cords every time you go to charge.

Tomayto Tomahto (Same things, different names)

Cable organizer
Electronics accessory organizer
Electronics pouch
Electronics travel kit
Tech accessories organizer
Tech DOPP kit
Tech pouch
Travel tech bag
Travel tech kit


Travel tech organizer

6 things to look for in a travel tech organizer

All tech organizers are different; however, six key features set apart the goods from the greats.



Keep your stuff working, rain or shine
Water droplets

Electronics and water don’t mix. And when traveling, getting caught in a rainstorm can happen. But, with a water-resistant tech organizer, your gear stays dry even if your backpack gets wet — so you can sing, dance, or frolic in the rain without fear.


Cable management

Cables shouldn’t create a nest inside your bag
USB-C cable

Untangling cables each time you need to charge a device is frustrating. Look for a travel tech organizer with internal elastic bands that separate and secure them. So they’re ready to use when you need them, tangle-free.



Keep everything organized, separated, and protected
A square compartmentalized into three sections.

When you throw electronics in together all willy-nilly, things touch things they shouldn’t. Their plastic and metal bodies can scratch and damage each other as they naturally move about in your bag. This is why ample compartmentalization is key to protecting your gear from itself. Excellent storage space means plenty of pouches, pockets, and bands — so your electronics stay put and protected.


Opens flat

See all your electronics at a glance
Open book.

Also known as clamshell-style tech organizers, they open like suitcases. This is ideal because you have more space to work with, making things easier to organize and find as you can see all your tech at once.


Spot for a laptop charger

Pack everything, not almost everything
Macbook pro charger.

Laptop chargers are long and bulky objects. And unfortunately, not every travel tech organizer takes them into account. But what’s the point of buying one if you can’t fit all your tech? So look for organizers with designated spots for computer chargers. They’re designed to hold them without compromising the other storage compartments or the organizer itself due to their bulkiness. This way, you can comfortably pack ALL your electronics for travel, not just most of it.


Soft padded exterior

Expands and contracts
Four arrows expanding out from the center.

Avoid travel tech organizers with a rigid structure, something that doesn’t easily flex. Whether you have one charger or ten in it, the organizer will always take up the same amount of space in your bag. That’s a waste. Instead, look for an organizer with a soft padded exterior. It will expand and contract based on its contents, giving you more space when you need it and taking up less when you don’t.


By knowing how to pack electronics for travel, you’re one step closer to becoming the traveler, you’ve always wanted to be. Proud of you.

Best travel tech organizers to buy

I’ve combed through the internet to bring you what I believe are the best travel tech organizers I can find. I am incredibly picky when selecting pieces that are as minimal as possible. This means little to no exterior branding, timeless pieces & colors that won’t go out of style, high-quality items made to last, and a look that simply looks good. I’ve done all the hard work, so you don’t have to — check them out below.

Travel Tech Organizers


Nylon Accessory Organizer
  • Water-resistant
  • Cable management
  • Lots of storage space
  • Opens flat
  • Spot for laptop charger
  • Soft padded exterior


Classic Pouch
  • Water-resistant
  • Lots of storage space
  • Vertical clam shell opening
  • Spot for laptop charger
  • Soft padded exterior

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