Travel with one pair of shoes that look great for every occasion

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Stylish couple walking along train tracks

Do You Struggle With Packing Shoes?

I Hear You

If this is you, don’t worry, because you are not alone. Packing shoes is frustrating. Not to mention, bringing multiple pairs for multiple occasions take up lots of space in your bag.

The good news is, it doesn’t have to be this way! You shouldn’t have to pack multiple pairs of shoes to try and fit every possible occasion while traveling. Rather, you should have just one pair of shoes that you can dress up and dress down. A pair that can look great with anything you decide to wear.

There is a Better Way

Hi, my name is Luigi Rausch and when I travel I wear just one pair of travel shoes for everything. My one pair functions for every occasion and makes me look good doing it. I’m here to teach you the ways of One Shoe Travel. Now, you too will know what shoes to wear to look great, fit every occasion, and save you lots of space in your bag.

The One Shoe Travel Plan


Learn what makes a good One Shoe Travel shoe


Choose a pair of shoes


Put them on and look great everywhere you go

Key Shoe Characteristics

Any color as long as it's black
Blue One Shoe Travel shoe
Black One Shoe Travel shoe

Black is easily the most versatile color. It looks good on just about everything with your shoes being no exception. Black shoes will match all of your outfits and fit any occasion because they are the easiest to dress up or down.

High Quality Materials
Mesh One Shoe Travel shoe
Leather One Shoe Travel shoe

Look for high quality materials like leather or vegan leather. Avoid synthetics such as nylons, polyesters or mesh looking materials. These make shoes look cheap and will clash with your elegant look for a night out on the town.

The Simpler, the Better
Fancy One Shoe Travel shoe
Simple One Shoe Travel shoe

Remember this general rule of thumb; the simpler the design of the shoe, the more timeless it will look and the more outfits it will match.

Minimal Branding
Nike One Shoe Travel shoe
Basic One Shoe Travel shoe

Avoid loud branding and big logos. These tend to make shoes look more tacky and trendy, reducing the shoes outfit matchability and wearable occasions.

Bottom Tread
Basic One Shoe Travel shoe
One Shoe Travel shoe with traction

Naturally, you’ll be walking outside a lot. If you run into bad weather, decide to take the path less traveled, or do an improv hike — you are going to need a sole with some grip to give you traction. Avoid shoes with smooth bottoms and choose ones with good tread on them.

Bonus: The Zero-Drop Shoe Movement

Zero-Drop Shoe
Raised heel One Shoe Travel Shoe
Zero drop One Shoe Travel Shoe

Picture a pair of stiletto heels. These are the complete opposite of zero-drop shoes. Where traditional shoes (sneakers, running, work, etc.) raise your heel higher than your toes, zero-drop shoes make your toes and heel level with each other, just as your feet naturally are sans shoes.

AKA barefoot or minimalist shoes, zero-drop shoes mimic how your feet naturally move as if you were completely barefoot. They do this by being as little as shoe as possible, essentially just protecting your feet from weather and terrain.

So why is this a good thing?

Walk as Nature Intended

The main idea behind minimalist shoes is to let your feet be feet and do what they were designed to do. Your feet evolved to walk, run and stand without the use of “overly-designed” footwear that change your feets natural state, such as running shoes raising your heel — causing you to strike the ground heel first. Zero-drop shoes instead encourage the more natural mid-foot to front-foot strike. This reduces impact on your knees by allowing your joints and leg muscles to properly align your posture and distribute the pressure through your calves, just as they were designed to do.

Lightweight & Flexible

With less materials, minimalist shoes are naturally lighter and more flexible than traditional shoes. This makes them much easier to pack and take up less room in your bag; however, since you will be wearing just the one pair, this last benefit is irrelevant.

More Natural Feel

When your toes can sprawl out as they naturally would and you are physically closer to the ground, you can feel more of everything that is happening beneath you. The added points of contact and the ability to feel the terrain improves your balance and control. Making a noticable difference when hiking or walking in nature.

Show me the shoes

So what’s next? Well you are probably wondering where are the best places to find a pair of the right One Shoe Travel shoes?

I’ve combed through the internet to bring you what I believe are the best One Shoe Travel shoes that I can find. I am extremely picky when it comes to selecting pieces that are as minimal as possible — Meaning little to no exterior branding, elegant timeless pieces / colors that won’t go out of style, high quality items made to last, and a fit that simply looks good. I’ve done all the hard work so you don’t have to, because I am here to help you succeed! Below you will find links to my top recommendations. Please note that some links are affiliate marketing links and some are not. If the brand had an affiliate marketing program I used it to pay for my time, but if they didn’t then I didn’t worry about it. I just want to bring you great content that helps you succeed in traveling with one bag or less.

One Shoe Travel Shoes

All Occasion Shoes

Pair of One Shoe Travel shoes



Men's Gobi II Desert Boot
  • Black
  • Leather
  • Zero-drop shoe


Men's RA II Classic Oxford
  • Black
  • Leather
  • Zero-drop shoe



Women's Gobi II Desert Boot
  • Black
  • Leather
  • Zero-drop shoe


Women's Fulham Chelsea Boot
  • Black
  • Leather
  • Zero-drop shoe

Before lessification

After lessification

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